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Henry Root - Founder

Talks of Christian Concern from the Catholic Perspective

Fr. John Riccardo - Original Radio Program Recordings
Putting On The Mind Of Christ Original Recordings
 Orthodox Catholic Conference Talks

 As committed Christians, we desire to serve the Lord with our whole being and follow the guidance of Our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI to be evangelists to all those we meet. It is the Mission of this organization to promote and perpetuate the teachings of the Catholic Church through the recording of talks, classes and conferences given all over the country.   We record these teachings and make them available for purchase by those who want to learn more and draw closer to God.

My name is Henry Root - I am the founder of this organization and strive to make the hightest quality products available to people worldwide. We record many conferences and individual talks and make CDs of these talks available for purchase by those who want to learn more and draw closer to God.

  • These CDs are carefully processed and edited to make sure they are clear and useful to those who listen.
  • All equipment used is professional and conforms to the guidelines outlined in Inter Mirifica.
  • Most of the recordings are tracked with our trademarked Redundant Recall or Relevant Recall.
Redundant Recall Recordings have a new track placed every 3 - 5 minutes to allow the listener to easily pick up near where they stopped listening or go back and relisten to a portion the requires great study.
Relevant Recall is similar except that new tracks are places whenever the speaker makes a new point or changes the subject.

Featured Recordings


    The Light Shines in the Darkenss


    2017 Renewal Ministries Gathering


             Individual Titles and Speakers

    A Dr. Ralph Martin: The Light Shines in the Darkness

    B Peter Herbeck: To Have the Light of Life

    C Dr. Mary Healy: How to Pray for Healing

    D Pete Burak & Debbie Herbeck: Understanding and Mentoring the Next


    Peter Herbeck & Fr. Mathias Thelen: Prayer & Ministry

    F Sr. Ann Shields, SGL: Whoever Follows Me . . . Will Have the Light of Life

    G Fr. Graham Keep & Fr. Mathias Thelen: Mass Homily & Renewal Ministries’ Report


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    The Light Shines in the Darkenss
    in Renewal Ministries