Arise title color

Individual Titles and Speakers


CD 1: Dr. Ralph Martin: Mary’s Mission, Our Participation


 CD 2: Sr. Miriam James Heidland, SOLT: Arise!


CD3:  Sr. Miriam James Heidland, SOLT: Healing Workshop


CD 4: Pete Burak & i.d.9:16 Team: Reaching the Next Generation


CD 5:  Ralph Martin: Renewal Ministries Report


           Peter Herbeck:The Glory of the Lord


CD 6: Barbara Heil: Personal Testimony


CD 7:  Sr. Ann Shields, SGL: The Steadfast Love of the Lord Never Ceases


            Fr. Graham Keep: Mass Homily



Arise RMG 18


The Light Shines in the Darkenss


2017 Renewal Ministries Gathering


         Individual Titles and Speakers

A Dr. Ralph Martin: The Light Shines in the Darkness

B Peter Herbeck: To Have the Light of Life

C Dr. Mary Healy: How to Pray for Healing

D Pete Burak & Debbie Herbeck: Understanding and Mentoring the Next


Peter Herbeck & Fr. Mathias Thelen: Prayer & Ministry

F Sr. Ann Shields, SGL: Whoever Follows Me . . . Will Have the Light of Life

G Fr. Graham Keep & Fr. Mathias Thelen: Mass Homily & Renewal Ministries’ Report


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The Light Shines in the Darkenss

Amazing Grace

Celebrating 50 Years of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal

Individual Titles and Speakers

Conference Set

A: Fr. Michael Sherry: Welcome and Opening & James Murphy

B: David Mangan & Patti Mansfield

C: Bp. Sam Jacobs: Mass Homily and Fr. Richard McAlear

D: Arlen Apone

E: Charles Whitehead

F: Dr. Ralph Martin

G: Bp. Sam Jacobs

H: Abp. Allen Vigneron: Mass Homily & Bp. Earl Boyea: Closing Remarks


Come Holy Spirit Workshop Youth Track

I: David Mangan: Surprised by the Holy Spirit - The Story of the Beginnings

J: David Mangan: Growth in the Power of Ministry - What Does the Church Say?

K: David Mangan: Baptism in the Holy Spirit - Why Not You?

L: David Mangan: Yielding to Spiritual Gifts

Amazing Grace Conference Set
Come Holy Spirit Workshop with David Mangan

Christ is the Answer 879

On this Christ is the Answer program, we’ve observed the life and passing of John J. Riccardo, the father of Fr. John Riccardo.


2016 Renewal Ministries Gathering

 RICHin Mercy


        Individual Titles and Speakers

  • Dr. Ralph Martin: Forever Grateful for Mercy
  • Johnnette Benkovic:Finding God’s Mercy in the Midst of Life’s Battles and Travails
  • Johnnette Benkovic: Mercy Received, Mercy Given: The Power of Forgiveness
  •  Debbie Herbeck: Practical Wisdom for Challenging Times
  •  Peter Herbeck: God’s Mercy Has Willed Us to Be Free
  •   Sr. Ann Shields: The Joy No One Can Take From Us
  • Mass Homily & Renewal Ministries Report


2016 Renewal Ministries Gathering

Put Out Into the Deep

with Fr. John Riccardo

Christ is the Answer 876-878

 In 2003 Fr. Riccardo and a group of men including Adam Cardinal Maida founded the Archdiocese of Detroit Men’s Conference. They titled the conferences Put Out Into the Deep.

That title was taken from Jesus’ instructions to Simon after he preached from Simon’s boat. “Put Out Into the Deep and let down your nets for a catch.”

Fr. was the opening speaker for the first half-dozen or so years. His talks set the theme and tone for each of them.

  • 876: 2003 Meeting Him for the First Time and All Over Again
  • 876: 2008 A Fireside Chat with the Lord
  • 877: 2004 Running the Race with Persistence
  • 877: 2005 Father or Adversary
  • 878: 2006 What Will I Hear on that Day?
  • 878: 2007 An Urgent Need; Men With the Courage to Let the Light Shine
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Today Salvation Has Come to This House

Christ is the Answer 873-875

Lent is a time of preparation for the Feast of the resurrection. It’s a time of penance, prayer, charity, alms giving, abstinence and fasting. It’s also a time for Parish Missions.


In 2016 Fr. Riccardo presented a 3 evening mission titled Today Salvation Has Come to This House.


2016 OLGC Mission

Christ is the Answer 864-869

  • CD 1: Introduction
  • CD 2: Baptism
  • CD 3: Confirmation
  • CD 4: Confession
  • CD 5: Marriage
  • CD 6: Eucharist
  • CD 7: Holy Orders
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Christ is the Answer 844

The subject of this edition of Christ is the Answer is Lent. The Wednesday before Lent 2008 Fr. Riccardo addressed a large group of parishioners in the social hall of the parish. The object was to help prepare for Lent. He shared both his old approach to Lent and what has developed into his more recent approach.


He asked what the collective “We” were doing to prepare ourselves for Lent. He spoke about what the Church does to help us arrive at our desired goal through: Prayer, Fasting, Alms giving and Penance.


Christ is the Answer 856

On this edition of Christ is the Answer, Fr. John Ricardo addressed the dignity owed every human being. His title on this special pre-march edition of our program was the inviolable Dignity of the Human Person.


  • Fr. John Riccardo: Dignity of the Human Person - March for Life Edition


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