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The Priest is a Marked Man

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The Priest is a Marked Man

Putting on the Mind of Chrst 421
  • Fr. Bill Casey: The Priest is a Marked Man
  • Fr. Ben Luedtke: Mass Homily
  • Veronica Scarsbury: Vatican Radio's 81st Aniversary

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    The Priest is a Marked Man

    Any of us who track our culture or the mainstream media at all realize the truth contained in this title. But, it's not just our Catholic priests who are in the cross hairs. It's all of those faithful to Christ and his Church. It's all of those who won't buckle under to the power brokers in our nations' capitol. It's those who won't turn a blind eye to the lies and the deceptions contained in the constant flow of dubious sound bites by the media talking heads. Christendom is under attack.

    Fr. Casey's talk was recorded five months before the mandate was issued to now Cardinal Dolan in New York. The chair of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. It was his forceful response that finally made the mainstream media take their cover off the story that they have kept hidden until then.

    While all of this happened after Fr. Casey presented his talk, it serves as a preface to it.

    Mass Homily

    By popular demand Fr. Ben Luedtke returned to the 20th annual

    Marian conference. This is his homily from the last day of this three day


    Vatican Radio

    Vatican Radio celebrated it's 81st anniversary on February 12th. The

    first facility was engineered by Marconni himself at the Pope's

    personal request. This is Veronica Scarsburys' report.

  • Date of Recording: 20 February, 2012
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