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Thank you for your interest in Christ is the Answer with Fr. John Riccardo. I am currently repackaging the entire Christ is the Answer library. With over ten years of programs, there are errors in the voiceover copy,  and  there are duplicated talk titles. Please note that the new program numbers may not relate at all to the old ones. The newly repackaged program numbers start at 700.

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Sunday, 04 July 2010 05:38

10 Commandments

 Fr. John Riccardo

Christ is the Answer 726-733

  • CIA 726: 1st Commandment: The Most Frequently Broken Commandment of All, and the Least Confessed. It's Not What You Think!
  • CIA 727: 2nd Commandment: Should We Really Pray the 'Our Father'?
  • CIA 728: 3rd Commandment: What Day Is It Anyway?
  • CIA 729: 4th Commandment: Whatever Happend to Honor and Respect?
  • CIA 730: 5th Commandment: Both In Life and Death, We Belong to God
  • CIA 731: 6th and 9th Commandment: Who Has a Better Vision of Sex - Cosmo, Maxim or the Catholic Church?
  • CIA 732: 7th & 10th Commandment: Striving For Contentment With What We Have
  • CIA 733: 8th Commandment: From the Same Mouth Come Blessing and Cursing: My Brethren, This Should Not Be So

The Decalogue, or the Ten Commandments. The ten Words of God which synthesize God's Covenenant with his chosen people. They were divinely revealed to Moses on Mount Sinai. They are God's basic instructions to us. They outline the freedoms, not restrictions, he's given us.

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10 Commandments

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  • Date of Recording: 06/16/2005
  • Program Series: Christ is the Answer
  • Policies:

    All CDs will be shipped within 2-3 weeks. CDs are not returnable, but defective CDs will be replaced immediately. All RRR CDs conform with the guidelines and spirit of the Paul VI's document on social communications, Inter Mirifica.

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