Notice regarding Christ is the Answer

Thank you for your interest in Christ is the Answer with Fr. John Riccardo. I am currently repackaging the entire Christ is the Answer library. With over ten years of programs, there are errors in the voiceover copy,  and  there are duplicated talk titles. Please note that the new program numbers may not relate at all to the old ones. The newly repackaged program numbers start at 700.

 In His Service,

Henry Root, Producer

What is Redundant Recall™?

Redundant Recall™ is a method developed by Relevant Redundant Recordings of adding a number of virtual tracks within a long recording on a CD.

These virtual tracks are manually added at 3-5 minute intervals where they might make sense. The purpose is to allow listeners an easier way to either pickup listening after a delay (e.g. you arrived at work and had to discontinue listening, after work you want to continue listening to that talk on your way home, you were listening to track 9 when you arrived, simply recall track 9 on the CD and listen on from there.), or if you missed a point made by the speaker, you can push the BACK Button once and the CD player will backspace to the beginning of that track. You can re-listen to the track while the speaker makes his/her point again.

Almost all Relevant Redundancy Recording CDs are mastered with Redundant Recall™ tracking.

What is Relevant Recall™?

Relevant Recall™ is a method developed by Relevant Redundant Recordings of adding a number of virtual tracks within a long recording on a CD.

This is similar to Redundant Recall. The virtual tracks are manually added to the master CD in something less that real time. The mastering engineer listens to the talk in real time and places a virtual track start point whenever the speaker makes a point or changes topics. This is much more time intensive and expensive for the producer. It is also much more usable for the learner/listener of the CD.

Care must be taken not to add to many tracks to a CD since the Red Book Standard for CDs is 99 tracks spread over the 80 minute disc time.

The purpose is to allow listeners an easier why to review and understand the points made by the speaker. The listener simply pushes the BACK Button to replay that track and review the contents.

Relevant Recall™ is a registered trademark and is exclusive to Relevant Redundancy Recordings. This process does not require a special CD player for use.

What do I gain by using MP3?

You gain the ability of having a lot more learning at a lot lower cost! Imagine 10-12 or 14 hours of spoken word audio on one CD!

Transportation costs are skyrocketing along with fuel costs. The production are transportation costs of 10 to 14 CDs can be reduced to one. But, that’s just the financial side. Look beyond the fact that more teaching can be passed to more people at a far lower cost. More people can be fed on God’s word, and the costs of new MP3 CD players are easily amortized by the far lower teaching material production costs.

MP3 Data Loss

MP3 sounds too good to be true?  The catch is that very carefully chosen data is thrown away. Dissertations have been written on the subjective effects of this data reduction and how to improve the process. Some Internet searching will provide additional information if you desire it.  Just know that with gentle reduction, only a trained ear can tell the difference.

Can I listen to an MP3 CD on any CD player?

In a word, No!  Many of the hundreds of millions of CD players in the world cannot play MP3 CDs.  But, many other millions will. There are personal MP3 CD players; there are automotive in-dash CD players. Almost all DVD players and computers will play MP3 CDs. The number of CD players that can play MP3 CDs has increased exponentially over the past decade, so refer to your CD player's specifications if you are not sure.