Online Catalog of Recordings

Putting on the Mind of Christ 435

  • Fr. Ben Luedtke: Woman: A Light for the World

Putting on the Mind of Christ  436

  • Professor  Peter Kreeft: Voting as a Catholic

Putting on the Mind of Christ  437

  • Fr. Mike Keating: Healing the Wounds of the Modern Mind

    • Fr. John Riccardo: I Thirst: Attributed to Mother Teresa of Calcutta

    More Than Conquerors

    Individual Titles and Speakers

    • Dr. Ralph Martin: Spiritual Combat and the Doctrine of Demons
    • Peter Herbeck: Living Under the Lordship of Christ
    • Therese Cirner: The Battle for the Family and Christ's Victory
    • Dave Mangan: Keeping Your Kids Catholic
    • Vernon Robertson: How to Pray for Your Loved Ones
    • Country Coordinator Reports
    • Festival of Praise, Healing and Empowerment
    • Sr. Ann Shields, SGL: The Way of the Disciple in the 21st Century
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    More Than Conquerors

    Christ is the Answer 832

    • Fr. John Riccardo: Teaching us to Pray

    Putting on the Mind of Christ # 171

    • Fr. John Hedges: Providing Spiritually For Your Family

    • Peter Herbeck: From the Renwal Ministries Gathering 2005

    Putting on the Mind of Christ 169

    • Roy Schoeman: Conversion Story

    • Roy Schoeman: Jews and the Second Coming

    Putting on the Mind of Christ  269

    • Peter Herbeck: Mission is for Everyone
    • Peter Herbeck: Power From On High

    Putting on the Mind of christ  371

    • Fr. Mark Rutherford: The New Evangelization of John Paul II
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