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Christ is the Answer 723

On this edition of Christ is the Answer, Fr. John Ricardo fielded questions from the young adults at a Tapping on Theology evening. This Question and Answer session was one of a regular series of Tapping on Theology dinner meetings held by his former parish for young adults of that and neighboring parishes.

  • Fr. John Riccardo: Q & A Session



Year of Faith


   Presented by: Fr. John Riccardo


Before his retirement, Pope Benedict XVI called the Church to a Year of Faith from October 11th 2012 until October 24th 2013 – the Feast of Christ the King and the end of the liturgical Year.

To observe the year Fr. Riccardo offered a series of talks that he and others in the parish gave throughout the year.

Christ is the Answer 769-774

  • CD 1: Year of Faith Introduction:
  • CD 2: Lord, Teach us to Pray part 1
  • CD 3: Lord, Teach us to Pray part 2
  • CD 4: Lord, Teach us to Pray part 3
  • CD 5: Why Are There So Many Religions?
  • CD 6: Profession of Faith

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Year of Faith

Christ is the Answer 833

  • Fr. John Riccardo: You Have Been Anointed By the Holy One
  • Fr. John Riccardo: A Fireside Chat With the Lord

 In 2011 Fr. John Riccardo spoke to a group of Catholic lay and ordained evangelists. That title was You Have Been anointed by the Holy One.

In 2007, he spoke to a men’s conference in Massachusetts. The title of that talk was A Fireside Chat with the Lord.

A regular activity at St. Anastasia Church was the Theology on Tap sessions. The parish young adult group gathered at a local restaurant for fellowship and a meal. Fr. Riccardo provided the desert by way of a talk. This series, focused on relationships.

Christ is the Answer 776-779

  •  Fr. John Riccardo: Chastity
  • Fr. John Riccardo: Friendship
  • Fr. John Riccardo: Theology of the Body
  • Fr. John Riccardo Forgiveness
  • Relationships

Christ is the Answer 117-120

  • Dr. Robert Fastiggi: Caholic and Protestant Perspectives of the Reformation
  • Steve Ray: Peter, the Rock, the Keys, and the Chair
  • Dr. Kenneth Howell: How Shall We Be Saved? Evangelical and Catholic Views of Salvation
  • Panel Discussion with Fr. John Riccardo as Master of Ceremonies


The Marian Peace Center of Detroit sponsored That All May Be one – Healing the Wounds of Division, a day long conference, at St. Anastasia Church. Fr. Riccardo served as Master of Ceremonies tying the thoughts of Dr. Robert Fastiggi, Steve Ray and Dr. Kenneth Howell together for the attendees.


    That All May Be One

Putting on the Mind of Christ 464

  • Professor Peter Kreeft: The One Thing Necessary for the New Evagelization

 Professor Peter Kreeft spoke to the Fellowship of St. Paul at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit, Michigan.


Individual Titles and Speakers

  • Dr. Ralph Martin: Faith that Overcomes the World
  • Peter Herbeck: Christ in You, the Hope of Glory
  • Lloyd Greenhaw: Proclaiming the Good News
  • Gerardo Hernandez: Building an Evangelizing Parish
  • Miriam Wright: Unbound Prayer Ministry
  • Dr. Mary Healy: Scripture and Impartation of the Holy Spirit
  • Sr. Ann Shields, SGL: Endure to the End to Receive What Is Promised
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You Have Need of Endurance

Putting on the Mind of Christ 462

  • Dr. Ralph Martin: Faith that Overcomes the World
  • Archbishop Vigneron: Speak Out for Religious Freedom Rally

Both speakers talked about how voices of hate in our society are trying to force Christians into agreeing with the immoral acts of a minority of the population.

Christ is the Answer 700

  • Fr. John Riccardo: Tirelessly Running the Race
  • Fr. John Riccardo: A Fireside Chat with the Lord

For some this program might  serve as a how-to lesson. For some it will be a challenge. Other listeners will revel at Fr. John’s story of teens who threw in their nets to have a closer relationship with Jesus.

Archdiocese of Detroit's 2013 Men's Conference

  • Fr. John RiccardoTirelessly Running the Race
  • Paco Gavrilides: The Call to be Heros....Together
  • Archbishop Vigneron: Mass Homily
  • Pete Burak: Sharing
  • Joey McCoy: Sharing


Tirelessly Running the Race
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