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Christ is the Answer 847

  • Fr. John Riccardo: Post Election Reflection


Christ is the Answer 848-851

Fr. Riccardo’s title for this four part series is What’s the Point?. He’s not being flippant. Marriage and the Family are a topic that’s extremely important to him and that he knows a lot about. It’s not just that he’s the youngest of 5 siblings. It was his concentration while studying for his Licentiate in Sacred Theology at the Pope John Paul II Instituted for Marriage and the Family in Washington, D.C.

CD 1: Fr. John Riccardo: Marriage

CD 2: Fr. John Riccardo: Ephesians 5

CD 3: Fr. John Riccardo: Fatherhood

CD 4: Mary DelPup: Dignity of Woman

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What's the Point?


Renewal Ministries 2015 Gathering

Individual Titles and Speakers

CD 1 - Dr. Ralph Martin: Building On the Rock of God's Word

CD 2 - Sr. Ann Shields: See That You Do Not Refuse Him Who Is Speaking

CD 3 - Paco Gavrilides: Evangelizing Through Our Childrfen

CD 4 - Lavinia Spirito:Evangelizing Through Personal Example

CD 5 - Dcn. Dan Foley: Commemoration of the 35th Anniversary

CD 6 - Peter Herbeck: Harvesting Souls In a Time of Shaking

CD 7 - i.d. 9:16 Report, Renewal Ministries Report & Fr. M Thelen Homily

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Renewal Ministries 2015 Gathering

Christ is the Answer 852

Fr. John Riccardo: I'm Inspired by You


Christ is the Answer 842

  • Fr. John Riccardo: Fatherhood

Christ is the Answer 802

  • Fr. John Riccardo: Christmas Day Homilies

Christ is the Answer 801

  •  Advent 2010: What Does Jesus Want for Christmas?
  • 2010 Homily: Giving and Receiving of Gifts
  • 2012 Midnight Homily

The Next Necessary Step 824-830

Fr. John Riccardo’s follow-up to the Alpha Course, the Next Necessary Step, is now available. The Alpha Course is used in parishes and Protestant churches around the world. Many attendees report it to be a life changing series as they draw into a closer relationship with Jesus.

After hundreds of his parishioners took the Alpha Course, many wanted more. Fr. Riccardo and his pastoral staff then developed The Next Necessary Step. This 7 CD series provides listeners with their next necessary step to living an apostolic life.

These recordings were made at weekly meeting of more than 300 parishioners who had completed the Alpha Course.

 Individual Titles

  • CD 1: Introduction and Forgiveness
  • CD 2: Fear and Anxiety
  • CD 3: Suffering
  • CD 4: Surrender
  • CD 5: Greed
  • CD 6: Worship
  • CD 7: Love
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The Next Necessary Step

2014 Renewal Ministries Gathering

Individual Titles and Speakers

  • Dr. Ralph Martin: The Foundation of a Missionary Spirituality
  • Sr. Ann Shields: More of the Holy Spirit
  • Dr. Peter Williamson: Is Jesus Fiction?
  • Chris Burak: Evangelizing through Loving Conversations
  • Lavinia Spirito: I Dream of a Missionary Option
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2014 RM Gathering

Christ is the Answer 800

  • Fr. John Riccardo: Love Made Visible
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