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Catholicism 101 with Fr. John Riccardo

Individual Titles

  • CD 1: The Church

  • CD 2: The Eucharist

  • CD 3: The Bible

  • CD 4: Questions and Answers

A number of summers ago Fr. Riccardo met for three successive Saturday mornings with the catechists of his parish and surrounding parishes for a short training session he called Catholicism 101. It was a training session to brush up on the basics of the faith

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Catholicism 101

Christ is the Anwer 724

 Fr. John Riccardo: Spiritual Life of the Family

On this Christ is the Answer program, Fr. Riccardo spoke to the ladies of Heart of Heart Catholic Women’s Apostolate. A part of a personal reflection, he honored his parents but especially his mother for the example of the normal Christian life they set for their family.

Christ is the Answer 859

  •  Fr. John Riccardo: Men from Slaves

Fr. John Riccardo took a cold Saturday morning and spoke to the men of Bravehearts men’s group. He also took a few minutes to promote attendance at men’s conferences. The Bravehearts motto is: as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

Christ is the Answer 742

    •  Fr. John Riccardo: Vices and Virtues

 The title seems simple enough: Vices and Virtues, but considering the sin encouraging culture of our time, There is a LOT for him to talk about.

Christ is the Answer 735

  •  Fr. John Riccardo: Can We Trust the Biblical Vision of Marriage? 

On this Christ is the Answer program, Fr. Riccardo attempted to answer the question Can We Trust the Biblical Vision of Marriage? Besides marriage, topics included: our personal relationships, love, prayer, scripture, our personal wills, and what our Lord wants for each or us and our families.


Christ is the Answer 734

  • Fr. John Riccardo: We Have Reasons To Believe

On this Christ is the Answer program, Fr. Riccardo lead us through an exercise in critical
thinking regarding our faith and the reasons we have to believe in Jesus and the power and truth of his resurrection

It is both a privilege and a Challenge Living as a Catholic in Today's Society

Christ is the Answer 795

  •  Fr. John Riccardo: Living as a Catholic

Christ is the Answer 740

  •  Fr. John Riccardo: The Truth Will Set Us Free

On this Christ is the Answer program Fr. John Riccardo talked about moral relativism, truth, abortion and being a Catholic Christian in the world today.


Theology Of The Body In Art

  • Putting on the Mind of Christ 383: Professor Elizabeth      Lev 

Heroes of Salvation History

  • Putting on the Mind of Christ 191: Steve Ray
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